Cleaning New York's filthy harbor with one billion oysters

The New York Harbor for years has been polluted and depleted of marine life. But one nonprofit is working to clean the murky water and revive its long-lost ecosystem — one oyster at a time.

Facebook will work with Germany to combat election interference, Sheryl Sandberg says

Facebook will partner with German officials ahead of the European Union elections in May to crack down on fake accounts and misinformation.

Technology is changing how we grow old and die

This is a story about how life could end for many of us: at home surrounded by high-tech sensors, voice assistants and automated pill dispensers. And there's a "companion" robot to ward off loneliness.

Netflix will regulate its content in India. It swears that's not a bad thing

Netflix is battling questions of censorship for the second time in three weeks — this time in India.

Amazon investors want it to quit selling facial-recognition tech to the government

Amazon shareholders are worried the facial-recognition software could be used to violate people's rights. They're calling for a vote on the issue at the company's next annual meeting.